BKB Product of InstaXS

An application named “Broadband Ka Baap” Product of InstaXS will serve its users with a new picture of free internet service. People can take advantage of free internet in particular zone and can access internet for any purpose as they require.

Features of BKB

Free Fast Wi-Fi

BKB provides free Internet for our users. They can Enjoy free and fast Internet at all time.

Share Internet with Friends and Relatives

User can share Internet with Friends and Relatives by Refering them.

Get Latest Offers & News

BKB application provides the information about latest Offers and News, So that you always be updated about new upcoming things.

Enjoy Social World

BKB provides Internet so we can always connect with social world through facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube etc.

Free Coupon from BKB

We can provide coupons for our users and user can also gift or share that coupons with their friends.

Easy to Use

BKB application is very user friendly and easy to use. So one can easily use this app.

Make World Smarter

BKB is helpful for making city smarter by providing free and Fast Internet.

Individual Plan

InstaXS - Premium Broadband Services provider is the super-fast way to get broadband internet access in your home. It’s wireless, so needs no phone line and costs exactly the same each month no matter how long you spend online. It’s so easy!

Business Plan

Our super-fast wireless broadband can give your business the vital competitive edge. With no line rental and just one flat rate monthly fee it’s very cost-effective too.

Our Services

Server Colocation

Server Co-location is available for local clients who need to maintain physical access to their server hardware.


InstaXS provides industry-relevant security products, services and solutions to address safety and security concerns.


It helps simplify IT environments so organizations of all sizes can increase, lower costs, improve reliability, and compete more effectively.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services of InstaXS provides Additional Sub-Domains, Own Name servers, Own E-Mail servers, Webmail integrated Website and many more.


Our solutions are tightly integrated with our servers for the greatest application performance and reliability, and support heterogeneous environments for investment protection.

Firewall & Network Protection

It helps simplify IT environments so organizations of all sizes can increase efficiency and utilization, lower costs, improve reliability, and compete more effectively.

About BKB

BKB brought to you by Conjoinix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This company is equipped with talented Quality engineers having multi-skill expertise, wide experience and well-tailored professionalism which is a basic requirement of a Professional company, in addition to Analytical Capabilities, Engineering Skills and Innovative approach. Conjoinix Technologies Private Limited promotes itself as a Quality and Customer Oriented company with a dream to win hearts of its clients and continue a life long relationship by assuring world-class Software and IT services.

There are times, when people are more forced to use digital things which requires internet whether it is E- commerce, social networking etc. Taking this thought into consideration we are planning to develop this app and make a Smart City.
This application facilitates to user to use internet without the problem of net recharges everytime.
The premises of application are not premised up to this extend only.

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